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odoo development

In this video you will use the developer mode in Odoo to add a new model and extend the Odoo sales application to maintain a list of pets for a theoretical veterinary application. You learn how to create many2one fields for the breed and species of the pet. With this fun, easy to understand example you will quickly learn how to add models to build your own Odoo applications. Odoo can be customized to meet your specific business needs, making it the best ERP software for SMEs. With the Odoo ERP Custom Development service, you can promote productivity, growth, and revenue for your business.

odoo development

Our experts provide testing services before and after the deployment process to ensure that every issue is resolved. Match the steps with upgraded technologies with the migration services. Take your Odoo store to the next level with our custom module development services. Our dynamic modules are designed to enhance the functionality of your store, providing you with the flexibility to scale and grow. Virtina is a trusted car advertising statistics company catering to all your Odoo requirements, from bugfix to integrations to migration delivered easily by our dedicated team. Virtina is your go-to company for anything related to Odoo.Regular technical up-gradations are also offered post delivery.


Odoo is the most popular Open Source CRM software, with more than 5 million users! Sales teams can easily keep track of their top leads and opportunities with the help of Odoo CRM. We will create a button to allow user to send ticket number to the partner by sms. We must also not forget to add it to requirements.txt and run the build command again. In the moment of this talk the module isn’t migrated wet to version 13.0, then we will use a pull request instead of the main branch.

Once the strategy has been finalized, we move on to the development such as theme development. Our Odoo experts maintain the highest quality of development and follow a holistic approach that minimizes error. The project manager oversees that the duties are split among the team and ensures that all the functional requirements are met. The project is subjected to approval at multiple levels to ensure the project’s quality throughout the development, staging, and production process.

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Integrating Odoo with other systems used by your business is possible through APIs, connectors, and middleware solutions. Odoo provides a robust API that enables seamless communication with other software systems. Moreover, there are numerous pre-built connectors available for popular services like Shopify, QuickBooks, and Salesforce. In cases where a connector is not available, a custom integration can be developed by our Odoo expert to ensure smooth data flow and interoperability between systems.

  • Well-qualified  and dedicated Odoo developers can help you with building seamless software for a particular module.
  • Through our custom Odoo development and implementation services, we create tailored solutions across industries to streamline workflows, enhance functionality, and help your business drive growth.
  • Finally, for the presentation tier, we will add the Menu option for our application, as well as the Views for the To-do Item model.
  • Yes, Odoo is a suitable option for eCommerce and marketplace businesses as it offers a streamlined approach to managing all business operations.
  • As the focus on localization in e-commerce takes wings, the marketplace becomes more and more powerful to bring local businesses to one place.

Our Odoo professionals will be completely committed to your project work. You can hire Odoo developers on an hourly basis or discuss with our business team for a quotation. Finally, for the presentation tier, we will add the Menu option for our application, as well as the Views for the To-do Item model. The essential views for a business application are the List view (to browse the existing records), and the Form view (to zoom in to a record and see all the details).


Our Odoo development services include end-to-end software testing and quality assurance to ensure your business app remains bug-free. We use agile methodologies to holistically test your Odoo ERP system on several performance metrics to detect bugs, glitches and loop holes. Odoo incorporates AI functionality in its software, such as predictive modeling, natural language processing, and machine learning algorithms. It enhances business decision-making and optimizes various processes, from sales forecasting to customer support.

As a result, in order to be a strong competitor in the market and boost your online OpenERP business as well, it becomes important to hire OpenERP/Odoo developers. The Odoo developers look over entire software development including development of modules and its customization. This further helps in attaining the goals successfully along with proper planning and execution of the project. Most of the organizations prefer most competent technology available in the market. Earlier the applications were customer-centric and were available with restricted functionality as well as isolated from other applications.

Advanced Development in Odoo 12

This means that a full backup of an Odoo instance needs both a database dump and a copy of the filestore. One point of focus here will be to enable adding new to-do items to the list and mark them as complete. For example, add a Buy Eggs item to the list and check the Is Done? Additionally, we’ll make the to-do items private to each user, meaning that the current owner of the to-list is able to only access their own to-do items.

odoo development

Odoo development is primarily done using Python programming language, which is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. With Intuz’s Odoo expertise, simplify and streamline your student information and course management, class scheduling, attendance tracking, and grade analysis. With the following software and hardware list you can run all code files present in the book (Chapter 1-15). Learn how the Odoo fleet management tool proves useful in streamlining demanding workflows and addressing productivity-impeding challenges.

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Our team of experts meticulously handles the migration process, catering to your unique requirements. Additionally, we offer comprehensive testing services before and after deployment to address any potential issues, guaranteeing a smooth and successful migration experience. Running multiple software solutions can be overwhelming, but Odoo Integration can simplify things. Aspire Softserv provides top-notch Odoo Integration Services to bring all your business applications together, including sales, CRM, and eCommerce. With seamless integration, you can easily manage all aspects of your business on a single platform.

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